Enjoy Our Two-Week Quick Start Program, Including Uniform Now Only $49! (A $149 Value!!!) For Ages 6+

We will reach out to schedule your child’s 1st class as soon as you register them in their Quick Start Program. New students come in by appointment at 5:45pm for their orientation, and then take their 1st class which starts promptly at 6pm.

During orientation we will get to know you and your child a little better: review your reasons for enrolling, fit them with their uniform, and give you more information about how to save money on their continuing program. They will take class in their regular clothes the 1st day. From then on they will come already dressed in their uniform.

The 3 videos below will help give you and your child a good idea of what their Beginner’s Journey will be like. Please watch them with your child when you have a few moments before coming in.

Kids love the workout. They feel accomplished at the end of each class, and can’t wait to come back. Check it out!

Please watch this short video with your child to see what to expect your first day.

Here’s a short video describing our teaching philosophy.

That’s it! Congratulations if you’ve made it through all three videos. And if you didn’t, that’s okay, too. At this point you and your child should have a pretty good understanding of what it’s going to be like when you join us on the mat.

We’re all looking forward to working with you!

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New Student Orientations - First Day Only - By Appointment
Monday 5:45PM
Tuesday 5:45PM
Wednesday 5:45PM
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Current Beginners Ages 6-12 Class Schedule
Monday 6PM
Tuesday 6PM
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422-424 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666, USA
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