Summer Kick Off (ages 6+) 21 Days for only $21!!! Including Uniform! A $226 Value! Only Offering 15 each month at this price, so grab it while you can!

As soon as we receive notification that you have enrolled your child in their Quick Start Program we will reach out to you to schedule their first class.

First day is by appointment at 5:45pm, so we can fit them with their uniform and get to know them a little better before taking their first class. First day they will take class in their own clothing. From day 2 on they will come in already dressed in their uniform.

Curious what our teaching philosophy is for children? Watch this short video.

Please watch this short video with your child to see what to expect your first day.

Looking forward to working with you!

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Uniform ($54 Value) Uniform ($54 Value)
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Our Schedule
New Student Orientations - First Day Only - By Appointment
Monday 5:45PM
Tuesday 5:45PM
Wednesday 5:45PM
Thursday 5:45PM
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -
Current Beginners Ages 6-12 Class Schedule
Monday 6PM
Tuesday 6PM
Wednesday 6PM
Thursday 6PM
Friday -
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Our Location
422-424 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666, USA
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